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This 1,500-year-old statue of Buddha has been given a bit of respect to cover it's crumbling parts after locals donated a giant 400-year-old cassock.

The so-called 'Mengshan Buddha' is a popular tourist attraction on Meng Mountain near Taiyuan, in Shanxi province.

But after 1,500 years of standing in the open, the statue had more than a little sign of wear and tear.

The regional monument protection association had managed to get experts in to repair the statues head, but lacked the funds for the difficult and complicated repair of the body, and there were also complaints that any work would destroy the statues value as an ancient relic.

Found by a farmer in 2005 after it had been forgotten about for years, the 1,459-year-old statue has been a major boost to the local tourist trade and locals decided to provide the coat as a sign of respect and gratitude, and to protect the statue as well from the elements.

It is also hoped it will stop visitors making off with crumbling flakes of the oldest cliff-carved Buddha statue in China.

There are lots of visitors especially during the current public holiday and although access is free visitors still spend money supporting the local economy while visiting to pay their respects.

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Road between Hoi An and Hue

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